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Office Cleaning Services in London

Today a large number of people spend hours on an everyday basis at their office. However, when it comes to cleanliness the office tends to get very less attention when compared to homes. With Well Done Cleaning you can now ensure that your office is just as clean and healthy as your home. Our cleaning services for offices have been designed especially to suit the needs of our corporate clients. With a cleaner, clutter free office the efficiency of the employees can drastically improve. Offices also tend to be the home for germs and allergens so it is important to keep the space clean and healthy. Whether you require office cleaning London service weekly, on an every day basis or once a month, our services will provide you the help you need and make sure that your clients get a good impression of your office.

Our Service

Office cleaning London service from Well Done Cleaning includes the following services:

  • Cleaning the office equipment, computers, furniture and desks of dust and grime.
  • Sanitizing and cleaning of the switch plates, door knobs and phones.
  • Vacuuming and mopping of the carpets and floors
  • Cleaning of the reception areas
  • Dusting of the interior
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